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Espresso1.70 $
Espresso Macchiato 2.00 $
Cappuccino 2.80 $
Flat White3.30 $
Cortado2.60 $
Café Latte3.30 $
Americano2.20 $

Hot beverages

Tea in a cup2.80 $
Loose tea in a pot *4.90 $
Hot chocolate3.40 $
Hot lemon3.00 $

*Darjeeling, Ceylon, Earl Grey, green tea, herbal, peppermint, chamomile, fruit tea, wild berry, Rooibos vanilla, rosehip

Soft drinks

Lemon3.20 $
Lavender-orange3.20 $
Thyme-lemon3.20 $
Basil3.20 $
Rosmary-Juniper3.20 $
Passion fruit sage3.20 $

Hot dishes

You will find our daily specials selection of hot dishes at the counter. We hope you enjoy your meal.

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2 Logan Square, 100 N 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103